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Elina’s Baptism

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This summer I got to experience that most important thing in the life of any Christian. I was baptized. I had been thinking about this decision for a long time but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be baptized or not.  I had been praying and asking God about it for a long time. And He answered my prayers.

 I sing and play the keyboard in our church youth worship team. One day our worship team leader came to talk with me. We spoke about baptism. It was during that talk when I understood that it was time for me to make this important decision. A week later (August, 5) I was baptized. I trusted my life to God. Before I made this decision, I felt nervous and worried, and I was seeking God’s support. And He gave it to me through my friends in the church. I am very thankful to Him!

 Elina Vedernikova

9th grader at LTTW

Expanding Your Christian Love: An Academy Sponsor Testimony

Our family has been truly blessed sponsoring a child at Light to the World Christian Academy in Kostroma, Russia. Our experience began many years ago when our children were young. Ron Cook visited our church and had envelopes on the table in foyer of children to sponsor. Our family picked out a young girl named Anechka to sponsor, who at the time was in first grade – about the same age as our son and daughter. Throughout the years we exchanged many cards, pictures, and gifts. We loved reading her letters, and our children had a wonderful time asking about her studies in school and her life in Russia. They enjoyed making Christmas and birthday cards for her and writing a note about Jesus. When Anechka graduated high school, it was like having a member of our family graduate and move onto college, along with our own children who were going through the same experience.

Afterward, I had an empty place in my heart having our own children leave home and move on with their life along with Anechka, who had moved on with hers. I missed the communication and the opportunity to be a part of a child’s life throughout school. The financial sponsorship was minor compared to the blessing of encouraging a child in her faith for Jesus and feeling a part of her life.

When Dan Stoll visited our church a few years ago, I again was moved to sponsor a child in the school. My husband and I picked a beautiful young girl in first grade named Zhenya. Now we are enjoying the pictures, cards, letters, and gifts that we exchange, as we did with Anechka. However, having the opportunity to influence a child’s life on the other side of the world in developing her faith and love of Christ is by far the most wonderful blessing. We look forward to sponsoring Zhenya through her school years as we did with Anechka, knowing that we will have had an impact on a child for the rest of her life. And someday when we are all in heaven, Anechka’s family, Zhenya’s family, and our family will finally meet and have a wonderful reunion getting to know each other in person!

Robynn Rome – Hugoton, KS

Steve & Robynn Rome have been

LTTW Sponsors since 2005

My Way Camp Success


The Christian Camp “My Way” is an annual summer event of Kostroma Christian Church and Light to the World Christian Academy, and 2018 marked the 7th year.  Camp was held on July 16-20 on camp grounds about 40 miles away from Kostroma. In total there were 47 kids and 35 adults attending. Every day kids took part in morning discussions, played soccer, volleyball, board games and participated in different sport relays. In the evenings we gathered for worship and teaching and small group discussion followed.  Campfire included adults sharing their testimonies of faith. During camp, so many youth were strengthened in their faith as well as many who heard the Gospel for the first time. The leaders were multi generational and felt a sense of unity through serving this week.  Please pray for the salvation of the kids who participated in the Camp.

Denis Kudryashov

My Way coordinator and LTTW graduate